Toshiba CET drum for Toshiba E-Studio 2006 2303 A 2303 AM and 2309 A and others Leave a comment

OPC Drum (Japan) CET-PN:CET7402 Category:Drums & Drum Units Model:E-Studio 2006, E-Studio 2007, E-Studio 2303A, E-Studio 2306, E-Studio 2307, E-Studio 2309A, E-Studio 2506, E-Studio 2507, E-Studio 2809A Brands:TOSHIBA OEM PN#:OD-2505 6LJ83358000

Capacity:for about 55000 pages
Part No:OD2505
Toshiba drum (OD2505), suitable for use in:Toshiba E-Studio 2006, 2007, 2303 A, 2303 AM, 2303 Series, 2307, 2309 A, 2309 AM, 2505, 2505 F, 2505 H, 2505 Series, 2803 A, 2803 AM, 2803 Series
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